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Providing Global sourced high specification metal and plastic components and assemblies to both large & SME western customers




4:30 pm

There has always been a demand from customers to find cheaper sources of supply. However, there has always been associated risks – will the price be stable, will the parts always meet the drawing, will my deliveries always be on time? Since 2002 China Outsourcing has been providing the low prices and removing all the risk for the customer.

The company has expanded the customer base over the years to now include the US, Germany and France and delivers millions of components to their customers every year. To meet this ever-growing demand, and at the request of some of their customers – particularly US customers looking to avoid import tariffs on Chinese supply, the company decided to look for an additional low-cost centre for manufacturing. After extensive research on costs and capability Vietnam was chosen and the office opened in 2019.


10:00 am

CO has added many new suppliers over the years, however, setting up a new office in a new country and sourcing multiple new suppliers at a time when travel has been severely restricted has undoubtedly been a challenge. The effort involved has proved more than worthwhile. The Vietnam office has exceeded all expectations and at the current rate of growth will be delivering as much as the China office by 2023.

On the back of this success the company is now looking to open offices in additional locations. No decisions yet on where the new offices will be, but it is clear the name China Outsourcing no longer encapsulates what the company does. In February 2022 the company will be rebranding as Make-Global.


The vision for Make-Global going forward is very clear. The appetite for high-quality low-cost manufacturing solutions is as high today as it has ever been, and the company fully anticipates continuing to meet this demand - the exciting part will be seeing where they go next to develop the supply base.


Vastly reduced production and supply costs

Assured quality and on-time delivery - our quality control staff are on the supplier's site whenever your components are being manufactured; all batches will be independently inspected by Make - Global personnel

In-depth knowledge of China, Vietnam, the culture, the language, the marketplace 

Established pool of trusted suppliers

Experienced engineering and quality team located in China, Vietnam and the UK

Our commercial services

  • Supplier identification

  • Price and contract negotiation

  • Implementation of intellectual property protection strategies

Our logistical services

  • Scheduled lead time adherence

  • Transport and shipping

  • Import / Export documentation

  • Shipping consolidation

  • China, Vietnam or UK stock warehousing

Our engineering services

  • Drawing and specification translation and control

  • Identification of equivalent local specifications and standards

  • Drawing review and management of all drawing queries

  • Technical liaison and troubleshooting

  • Engineering and manufacturing support

  • Manufacturing process review and control

Quality assurance

  • Drawing control

  • First Article sampling

  • Our control personnel carry out independent inspections, including full dimensional checks, NDT, pressure test, X-ray, dye penetration, MPI, chemical, and mechanical analysis at all stages of manufacture.

  • Material control

  • Supplier audits

  • Provision of dual language First Article Inspection Reports, dimensional reports, material certificates and Declarations of Conformity

Meet The Team

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Chris Mooney

C.E.O of China Outsourcing

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Chris Kay

Global Manufacturing & Quality Management Professional.

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Trevor Purdey

Production & Quality Control Specialist

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Steve Nicholson

Sales Manager

You won’t find a more reliable outsourcing agent in the UK, with access to the same excellent prices as us! Don’t hesitate to contact us today on + 44 (0) 1202 606141 - we are happy to answer any enquiries.

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